Sustainability is key

Costumers shouldn’t be held accountable for the environmental harm companies cause with their products, companies should.

Like many other people out there, we believe a better world starts with yourself. But that’s not all. We also believe that inevitably the environmental issues regarding pollution and plastics in our world, have to be solved at the core of the problem; The companies and manufacturers causing this pollution.
As long as companies and manufacturers keep making products that harm our nature and our world, consumers will buy them. This is exactly what we try to fight as Vibfy by leaving a small as possible carbon footprint in our world.

What we do to reduce our carbon footprint;

  • We print all our cardbord boxes and packaging paper by hand with a custom build silk print press and environmental friendly ink.
  • We tell our manufacturers to skip all plastic bags/packaging and other useless materials regarding our products. From the factory to our office there are 0 plastic bags involved! All products come in one big cardboard box per size without any additional packaging involved.
  • We use recycled materials only.
  • We do not use any plastics for packaging or delivery purposes.
    • We send all possible documents and notifications trough e-mail only.
      • Who cares about a printed invoice coming along with your order? You’ll probably end up throwing it away without even looking at it anyway.

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