Neck Adjustable Harness

It’s hard to find the right harness size for your dog because his or her posture? Nope, it’s not! With our Vibfy Flexity-Y harness you’re ensured of a perfect fit. Our flexity-Y Harness is specially designed for dogs that usually don’t fit the “common sizes” for dog harnesses. Because we know how disappointing it can be when your dog doesn’t fit that super adorable dog harness because of it’s size. We’ve made the Flexity-Y neck adjustable harness so you can buy that super adorable harness! This dog harness is adjustable with two straps in the neck and 1 strap around the chest to make sure everybody will fit it!

I am currently on vacation and products from my shop will be unavailable for next few days. Thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

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