Meet Ivy!


This is our best friend and lovely dog Ivy, She’s born in the spring of 2020 and brought us so much love and happiness, we couldn’t imagine a live without her now. And who are “we” then, might you think. Well, we are Toby and Suzanne and we decided to start Vibfy for a very simple reason; We wanted a good, comfortable and dog friendly harness for Ivy, that also looked awesome.

We quickly learned, it’s almost always one of both, or it’s a great and comfortable harness for the dog, but it looks awfully boring.
Or it looks great, but it sits like sh*t. After looking around for a while, we decided why not do it ourselves? After calling around, doing the research and a lot of cups coffee later, we finally started our business in the fall of 2020. (This year is not only drama, pun intended.)

Because we’re both previous dog owners and responsible adults that care about the world around us. Starting our own brand wasn’t all about setting up a business and making money. Our brand had to had meaning, and it had to contribute to a better world, what would be the point if we didn’t strive our ideals?

So at Vibfy we do several different things to ensure we make the world a better place with our services, and not worse. What we do to reach this goal, you can read in this article about sustainability. Or take a look at our charity projects in this article!

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