Harness types

Different dogs, different owners, different needs.

Every dog is different, and so is his or her owner. That’s why we have several different harnesses for each its needs, breeds and personal taste. Not sure what kind of harness you need for your dog? Down below we’ve put together a list of the most important features of all harnesses, and the con’s and pro’s for each one of them. Still not sure what kind of harness suits you and your dog best after reading this? Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to help you find the perfect harness for you and your dog!

Duo Reversible Harness

Neck Adjustable Harness

Reversible Cooling Harness

Adjustable Strap Harness

THE SUBZERO ONE – Reversible cooling harnesses

Want can’t the Vibfy Subzero One Harness do? This dog harness is so multifunctional we don’t even know where to start. First of all this dog harness is reversible and thus can be worn on both sides! The Subzero One Harness is also very comfortable due to the ‘O-shaped’ design which releases the tension on your furry friend’s neck. And last but not least! It’s a cooling harness! On hot summer days you can quickly turn this harness into a delightful cool treat for your dog by simply putting it in water and the refrigerator before you equip it.

THE FLEXITY-Y – Multi adjustable Y-shaped harnesses

It’s hard to find the right harness size for your dog because his or her posture? Nope, it’s not! With our Vibfy Flexity-Y harness you’re ensured of a perfect fit. Our flexity-Y Harness is specially designed for dogs that usually don’t fit the “common sizes” for dog harnesses. Because we know how disappointing it can be when your dog doesn’t fit that super adorable dog harness because of it’s size. We’ve made the Flexity-Y neck adjustable harness so you can buy that super adorable harness! This dog harness is adjustable with two straps in the neck and 1 strap around the chest to make sure everybody will fit it!

THE DUAL VIZOR – High quality reversible harnesses

Two for the price of one!? Yes, you’re reading it correctly! The Vibfy Dual Vizor Harness is a reversible dog harness that is wearable on both sides. And the fun part is, each side had it’s own design! So no reason for getting bored with the same harness over and over again, just simply switch it to a different design in a matter of seconds. But that’s not all, the Vibfy Dual Vizor harness is also super comfortable for your loyal companion. Due to the special O-shaped design this harness is super healthy for your dog because it relieves the tension on his or her neck. Unlike conventional collars and harnesses that just add extra tension to your dogs neck, this harness makes sure you and your dog are happy!

THE TRUSS-T Multi adjustable H-Shaped strap harnesses

Our Vibfy Truss-T Harnesses are specially designed for the bigger and longhaired dog breeds. Due to the simplistic H-shape design this dog harness will always be the perfect-fit for your dog, which makes this harness ultra comfortable for your loyal companion. The Truss-T Harness isn’t only adjustable on every strap, but it’s also very strong and won’t ever fail on you or your dog!