For every order placed, we donate €1,- to the Dutch organization for animal wellbeing.

While it’s pretty clear that humans aren’t better than animals in any way, that doesn’t have to mean we’re worse either.

Every single person in this world is responsible for the wellbeing of the animals we’ve decided to stand above as humans as a species. That’s why we make our costumers owe up to this responsibility by donating to our national animal protection service the Dutch ‘Dierenbescherming’. For every order placed we donate €1,- to the Dutch organization for animal wellbeing. This organization comes up for the wellbeing of all animals in our world, from domesticated to farm animals. Take a look at their website ( if you want to know what you can do to help.

While the protection of animals is an important topic that shouldn’t be forgotten, we tend to do a little more than that. Every once in a while we pick a different charity organization we believe in and which we want to bring under the attention to our costumers. Curious what else we do for our fellow planet inhabitants? Check our Current Charity Projects for more information.

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